Study Guide Example

This here is an example of a study guide utilized for myself for a class in computer programming. After a semester of notes, it can become extremely difficult to fit everything on one page. Here is an example that showcases a few ways you can master study guides, including playing with margins, columns, spacing, and emphasis.

Emphasis and Remembrance

My favorite part of note-taking is drawing emphasis to certain crucial sections, definitions, and the like. Emphasis is the key to remembrance after the fact. Plus, its a fun was to be uniquely expressive and creative with your note-taking. There are multiple methods for drawing emphasis, many of which you can customize to match your personal needs and styles.

Note-Taking in the Present

For me, one of the most difficult parts of note-taking in class is knowing that the professor either goes too fast to keep up with notes in the moment, or knowing that they will circle back to a topic later and make it very difficult for me to keep my notes organized. There are a few ways to combat this, but they require patience and prior planning.

Setting Up Your Notebook

For me, the most daunting part of starting a notebook is deciding what to do with it. I used to live in constant fear that I would have this amazing new journal and use it for the ‘wrong’ thing. I was afraid to fill up the first few pages and then change my mind. I still live with this fear when I am gifted journals and notebooks. There is no real solution when you’re sitting at your desk with that first stark page staring at you. However, you can usually avoid this issue by choosing the topic before you choose the notebook.