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Welcome to the Imaginative Inventions Blog! My name is Samantha Gillihan and this is my exploration into zen. Creative zen.

I’ve begun this side project for a variety of reasons. Everyone needs a creative outlet. As a college student studying in the sciences, artistic expression (and free time) can be difficult to come by. To have it be meaningful is even more difficult. Hence this blog.

I was also told today that I could make a great blog about note-taking and study tips. Hey, why not? But why be limited to those two ideas? So I expanded, to the wide, wide field of inventions, creations, flights of fancy. And here we are.

Step into my digital office.

More About Me


As I mentioned before, my name is Samantha Gillihan. I am a university student at the University of Arizona. I am majoring in Computer Science, with minors in Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics. I am in my Senior year (yay!) and will be graduating in May of 2018.

Additionally, I was Software Developer & Integrator intern for USAA in Plano, Texas during the summer of 2017. On campus in the fall of 2017, I am entering my third year as a Research Assistant in the University of Arizona’s Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering’s Aerodynamics Laboratory and my third year as a Resident Assistant for my university’s Residence Life Department.

In the mean time, I love baking and anything artistic! Organization is my jam, so my free-time somehow always ends up doing something to that effect. Additionally I like to spend a lot of time with mini programming projects and designing small scale video games. Some of these can be found in the Projects tab above.


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on a post or contact me directly at myimaginativeinventions@gmail.com.