Space Race: The Amateur Space Game

Welcome to the pseudo-8-bit space game Space Race! This amateur Stencyl game was create by myself and my teammates for a course in college. The link here takes you to an embedded version in the Stencyl Arcade. Additionally, if the first link is not premium, you can find the game in a downloadable version here.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.01.41 PM

This project was completed per the following instructions:

For your final group project, you will form a group of 2 people (or 3 if an odd #). As a group, you will create a work of art that has the following characteristics:

  1. Touches on no less than one of the techniques, trends, and ideas discussed in this class over the course of the semester;
  2. Uses one or more pieces of software as tools and/or media;
  3. Attempts to engage the audience, viewer, or participant intellectually and/or emotionally, i.e. that it attempts to make an artistic statement of some kind.

Your work may be a digital film, an interactive web-based piece, music, an installation, a piece of generative or software art, artificial life, or something else entirely. The work should reflect the efforts and input of every member of the group, and every person in the group is expected to contribute equally to the final product. If both of the group members have previous coding experience, the expectation for the final project will also include a generative or interactive component if the project is code based.

More information on the process and my teammates can be found in the game’s credits.