Implementing Your Color-Coded Calendar

So let’s imagine that you’ve already chosen the colors for the areas of your life that you’re trying to organize. Your sticky-note bonanza is in full swing and your notebooks are full. What now? What other lengths can you take this too? My personal favorite is the digital realm.

Odds are these organizational categories likely have events attached to them. Classes, meetings, job shifts, etc. Are you leaving those the boring base color in your online calendar? You’ve been building up a color association between your programming class and turquoise over time. It’s only logical that this should continue on throughout all areas this programming class appears.

Whether you use Google or an on-device calendar, whatever it may be, you can always color-coordinate your events to match the pre-chosen color. Here are some links to organizations that included steps on exactly how to do this:

Let me know if you have another guide that is helpful and I will include it!

The best way to stay organized is to stay consistent – everywhere!

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