Color Schemes Across All Platforms

Now that you’ve seen how crucial it is to color coordinate in sticky notes, the next step is taking it to all other platforms of your life. This may sound like a lot and the prospect may be daunting, but there’s no need to make the change immediately.

The reason it is so important to coordinate the same color scheme across all areas is because cohesion is the penultimate way to stay organized. Lets imagine that you’re a student in five classes (me) and you’ve already color coordinated all of your sticky notes. But now you’re shopping for notebooks at the start of the semester and buy five randomly colored notebooks. Imagine now, that its a few weeks later, and you start trying to write reminders on blue sticky notes for your class that is in a red notebook. You can see the potential problem.

The best way to cope is to be prepared in advance. If you know you’re gonna have these five class and need five colors, pick five colors that you can purchase sticky notes, notebooks, binders, tabs, and dividers for. Avoid odd or difficult to use colors, like black. Black notebooks may be common, but have you ever found a useful set of black tabs or sticky notes? This way you can avoid such logistical issues in the future. While it may seem like overkill, having everything for a certain topic in one color can reduce stress and make your life a lot easier when it comes to matching sticky notes to notebooks, and then those to calendar events, or other such items.

Now think more long-term. As a college student (and hoarder), I have notebooks and binders stretching back to Freshman year of high school on topics ranging from AP U.S. History, Anatomy & Physiology, and different levels of Mathematics. For nearly a decade I have painstakingly preserved my scholastic knowledge and keep convincing myself that I never know what I might need. Hopefully one day that is proven true! The point being, is that having all of my scholastic items color-coded is beyond beneficial now. In elementary school, a basic color scheme was decided for my classes: green for math, blue for science, red for social studies, and yellow for language arts. Simplistic, but beneficial. Since then, as we (as students) were granted more freedom in the color selection of our school supplies, but I roughly maintained this color scheme.

For the last decade I have used various shades of green for mathematics. From 6th grade math to Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus, green is my go-to color. Now when I look at my large shelf of items, I know the green section contains a nearly complete record of all math notes and resources I own. Every so often I had to deviate in color due to money, or using up empty notebooks I already owned, but today those outliers cause much more trouble than they’re worth. Now, no matter where I look in an office space or in my old records, when I see green, I automatically think numbers and math. I see blue and I think of the sciences, such as chemistry, physics, and programming.

When I add my class schedule to my Google calendar, I color-code the events to have the same color scheme. When I open my calendar app a few months later and see a navy blue event, I know it is for my Aerodynamics class (science = blue). Carrying a color per category in your life can help you get organized now. It helps with memory recall, both immediate and long-term, and aids you in maintaining your organized state in the future.

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